My Heart In Print | What To Wear



Hooray! Your session is booked… now what?


Clients often ask for input on what they should wear for a session.

Whether it's a family portrait outdoors, or a newborn session at your home, these simple tips will help.



1) Coordinating, not Matching

Your photos will look a bit dated if everyone wears the same colored polo shirt or matching khaki pants, etc. It's much more flattering for everyone, if you focus on coordinating colors. I prefer to choose two or three main colors, with maybe another pop of color. And mixing patterns is OK! As long as you stay within the same color family, it will look great. (If your session is outside, it is best to stay away from too much green. We want you to stand out, not blend in with the grass.) 



2) Be comfortable

If you don't typically wear heels, don't wear them for your photos. I wouldn't wear yoga pants to your session, but wear something you feel good in. Kids' clothing should FIT. I know it's tempting to buy a little bigger so they can wear it longer, but don't. We don't want it to look like they're being swallowed by their clothes. Dress appropriately for the weather. In the winter time, layers look adorable (think vests, bow ties, boots, button-downs with sweaters, headbands & tights). In the summer, maxi dresses for mom, with layers of jewelry will definitely pop.



3) Keep it simple for newborn sessions

Solid colors work well for photos of family & siblings with the baby.

We don't want a loud, busy pattern to over power that brand new baby.

(I love pastels in this case too!)



4) Where to start?


Start with one outfit you really like (for me, this is typically mine or my daughter's!) and go from there. Pick your main colors & start shopping! NO, you don't have to shop for new clothes. Look in your closets first & start pairing things that coordinate. Maybe all you need is a new cardigan or shoe to pull it all together.

And speaking of shoes, DON'T FORGET THE SHOES! You could have the cutest outfit ever, but pair it with your son's worn out Crocs, and suddenly it loses some appeal. Barefoot in the summer is always an option, especially for the kids. The main thing to keep in mind is, show us your personalities! If your little girl is sassy & loves to twirl in frilly dresses, then by all means, let's highlight that! If your son loves wearing jeans & high-tops, do it! I want to showcase you & your family as best as I can.


Here are a few ideas if you are looking for new items, that won't break the bank:

Old Navy





American Apparel


Persnickety Outlet


Finally, let me know how I can help! Text me a pic or two of the outfits you're considering. I'd love to be of service.